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Netherlands based Native English Copywriter and Marketing Consultant helping you make more sales and increase revenue.

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Brand Story Package


50% Discount for Limited Time Only

You get:

  • 1 hour discovery call  
  • 5 additional hours from me to write your story, discuss all the details, and just whatever we need to get your brand story down  
  • Your own unique One-Page Brand Story  
  • Your own unique Brand Story Script  
  • Your One-Page Brand Story and your Brand Story Script will be delivered within 48 hours of our discovery call kick-off

How I Help You Grow  

Clarify Your Message Icon

Clarify your message  

I’ll help you clarify your marketing message, so you connect with your audience, engage your customers, and grow your sales. 

Actionable Marketing Advice Icon

Actionable marketing advice that delivers results

I'll show you what you need, identify what's missing, and provide you with a practical action plan for building a sales funnel that increases your revenue. 

Copywriting and Content Icon

Copywriting and content that creates customers

I'm specialised in conversion copywriting so all your marketing collateral will be optimised to convert prospects into customers and grow your sales. 

How It Works  

Schedule Appointment Icon

1. Schedule an appointment 

Book a free 30 minute call so we can see if we're a fit, and I'll already provide you with a quick (and free) elevator pitch you can use for your business straight away.

Custom Marketing Plan Icon

2. Receive a custom marketing plan

I'll write your brand story (the foundation of all your marketing), and provide you with a practical action plan for building a sales funnel that increases your revenue. 

Let Me Do It For You Icon

3. Implement the plan yourself or let me do it for you

The choice is yours. You're free to implement my marketing roadmap yourself, or I can deliver the entire sales funnel (written by an expert copywriter) for you. 

Watch Your Business Grow Icon

4. Watch your business grow!

 Seriously. This is the moment you've been waiting for.

Who I Help  

Small Business Icon

Small Businesses and Startups  

Whether you sell products or services, if you're a small business you need a sales funnel. If you have a sales funnel with a clear brand story and well written simple messaging in place, you will see sales increase. Trust me.

 A typical sales funnel includes your website, a lead-generator, email sequence, and maybe a sales page. If you're a startup you'll almost certainly need a pitch deck as well.

Larger Business Icon

Scaleups & Larger B2B Organisations 

I can help you with marketing campaigns for your overall brand, a single product line, or whole divisions. 

The marketing content I produce for you will be different to that of a small business. A little less emotion - a little more rationale. 

You'll need sales decks and case studies too. And, you'll likely need seperate sales funnels for your different products and services.

What Makes Me Different From All the Damn 'Gurus' Clogging Up Your Timeline?  

John Bremner

First of all, I tell it like it is. And let me just say, Houston, we have a serious F-ing problem.  

Most of us, whether we are salespeople, marketers, leaders, business owners or entrepreneurs; we’re being straight up ignored.  


Because we’re not communicating clearly.

Every day, we’re bombarded with information. In fact, the average person encounters more than three thousand commercial messages every day.  

And because of that, we only listen to people (and businesses) that communicate simply and clearly.

Read more.



Sjoerd Hoogendoorn Guard From Above

"John helped us clarify our message and transformed a client specific pitch deck into an engaging and compelling story that the client loved. Looking forward to our next project!"

Siete Hamminga

Siete Hamminga Robin Radar Systems

"John is a very talented copywriter. He made a crucial contribution to increasing our online visibility this year. Looking forward to working together again in 2019!"  

Plein Usman

Pleun Usman FX Media

"I've worked quite a few times with John now. He responds fast and he's always ready to help. His work is never disappointing and he always over delivers. I definitely recommend him!"  

Instantly Engage Customers & Get More Sales

Need a short and snappy elevator pitch for your business, product or service?  

Download my free guide on "How to Create a One-Liner That Instantly Engages Customers and Gets More Sales"!  


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