Brand Story Package


You get:

  • 1 hour discovery call  
  • 5 additional hours from me to write your story, discuss all details, and just whatever we need to get your brand story down  
  • Your own unique One-Page Brand Story  
  • Your own unique Brand Story Script  
  • Your One-Page Brand Story and your Brand Story Script will be delivered within 48 hours of our discovery call kick-off

How to Connect with Customers, Revolutionise Your Marketing, and Grow Your Business 

Is explaining what you do complicated? 

Do you struggle to get the word out about your business? 

Finding it difficult to get new leads? 

If you feel frustrated that more people aren't excited about what you offer - or that you’re just not sure if you’re doing marketing the right way, then this message is just for you. 

Here’s why…  

There’s a simple way to cut through the noise, communicate more clearly, and feel confident in how you talk about your business. 

And the best thing is, it’s proven to help get you more leads and customers.

Plus, you need to realise, that there's a cost to not dealing with this…  


If You Ignore It, It Just Gets Worse  

What most people do when facing low or no sales is just shout louder. 

More social media posts, more videos, more blogging, or vlogging.

They search and read a ton of free articles online - looking for that silver bullet. 

They try every shiny new object that comes along.

But for most people, none of that works.

The truth is...  

  • They don't really understand their customers  
  • They don't really know what their customer wants  
  • They don't know how to articulate how the product meets the customer's need... in a way that motivates people to buy  
  • Most people just aren't copywriters and don't want to be either  
  • And most people can't afford to hire a pro to set this all up for them (€10,000 - €20,000 or more)

And what happens if you just do nothing? 

If you just keep doing what you’ve been doing? 

Well... nothing good.  

  • You’ll lose customers because they just can’t figure out how you can help them (even though you definitely can)

  • You’ll lose sales because your audience can’t see a clear way to do business with you

  • Your business will stagnate, fail to grow, and eventually go bust

  • Your competitors will win. Because their communication and messaging is simpler, clearer, and more effective than yours.

How I Can Help You Solve Your Marketing Problem

I've got an answer that works. 

Here's the story: 

A couple of years ago I took up screenwriting as a hobby. I learned as much as I could on the subject, devouring books and courses along the way (I tend to get hyper-focused on stuff if I find it interesting!).  

What I learned is that there's a very strict structure to storytelling for movies.  

And it’s strict for a reason. It works! 

And when a movie doesn't follow this hidden story structure? 

It’s almost certainly going to be a flop. 

Because we humans are wired to communicate with story. It’s what allows us to not only pay attention for two whole hours, but get so emotionally involved that we actually join the story.  

In our hearts and minds, we experience what the hero does, we want what they do, we cry when they cry, and our hearts sing when they achieve their goal.  

And I thought to myself, what if I applied this structure to marketing?  

Would it work?  

Turns out I wasn’t the only one with this brainwave.  

Donald Miller, a best-selling author in the US, started a whole company based on this premise. And work it does. He’s been teaching thousands of people how to apply the same hollywood story structure to marketing. Including me. When I found out about this I read all his books and took all his courses.  

The good news for you, is that this isn’t just some unproven theory I came up with. It’s a proven system that works.  

It’s helped thousands of people clarify their message and grow their companies. Some even quadrupling their revenue. 

It Worked For These People, And It'll Work For You Too

Here’s what it did for me… 

It took my business to six figures, let me pick and choose the clients I want to work with, and helped me build a business that gives me and my family the life we always wanted.  

And it’s not just me. Here’s what my copy has done for others. 

"John helped us clarify our message and transformed a client specific pitch deck into an engaging and compelling story that the client loved. Looking forward to our next project!"

Sjoerd Hoogendoorn - Guard From Above

"John is a very talented copywriter. He made a crucial contribution to increasing our online visibility."

Siete Hamminga - Robin Radar Systems

And this is the kind of response my copy gets. 

Arrow Here

"I loooove your emails. My last one was already a week ago! Is everything well and will I receive the next one soon? Thank you so much for your great emails. They are the only ones I look forward to!"

Mildred Romkes - Blogger

Finally, It's Your Turn  

When you get my Brand Story Package today, you’ll get the key to…  

  • Understanding the customer problems you need to talk about
  • Finding out what your customers really want
  • Knowing how to talk about your business, and which words to use so that people want to buy from you  

Here's what you get with the package:

  • A 1 hour discovery call so I can ask you tons of questions, and you can describe your business, products, services, customers and everything else we need to tell your brand story  
  • 5 additional hours for me to write your story, discuss all the details, and just whatever we need to get your brand story down  
  • Your own unique One-Page Brand Story layout so you can visually see all the different story parts and how they fit together  
  • Your own unique Brand Story Script. This is a fully scripted story that you can use for speeches, presentations, video voice-overs and any other place where you need text - like brochures, leaflets, websites, landing pages, etc.  
  • Your One-Page Brand Story and your Brand Story Script will be delivered within 48 hours of our discovery call kick-off

And all of this is yours for just €750

I normally charge €1500, and even then it's a steal. But I'm making it available for a limited time only at 50% off. 

So what are you waiting for?

And in case you're wondering, you are 100% safe to try this out. Just try it for 30 days to see if it works for you.

If it does, you’ll be delighted - and I think that’s exactly what’s going to happen. 


If for some reason you’re not satisfied with your Brand Story - if it doesn't help you clarify your message for yourself and your customers - then just let me know, and you get all your money back. We'll still be friends. 

And by the way, this never happened before. Nobody ever asked for a refund.

It's Decision Time

Now you have a choice to make. Do what you’ve been doing (or worse, do nothing at all). You know where that will lead. Is that really where you want to go? Or. Take a new action, and get a new result. Finally get clarity on your marketing, connect with your customers, and grow your business… I’ll turn your Brand Story around in just 48 hours. 

Which do you really want for yourself? 

Here’s what to do now... Click the Buy Now button and you'll be taken to a calendar booking page to book in our discovery call. 

Once you've booked the appointment you'll be taken to a payment form. 

Please note: you'll need to have completed payment before our discovery call. I reserve the right to cancel or postpone our appointment until payment has been made in full.

John Bremner

A Word From Me

Just in case you landed here by accident and have no idea who I am...

"I’m a marketing consultant and copywriter who helps small businesses, start-ups, scale-ups, and technology companies.  

If you're struggling with digital marketing, or just need a helping hand, I can help clarify your message, build your sales funnels and write your copy, so you capture more leads, increase sales, and grow your business."


Why put off taking your marketing to the next level? You can buy my Brand Story Package right now for only €750. With a 100% guarantee of your satisfaction.

Brand Story Package

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